Instructional Materials

I have created many of the materials used in my classroom myself. Below are a few examples.

Canvas Course

Click here to see screenshots and a video tour of how I designed and maintained my course in Canvas — the district’s learning management system (LMS) — for my students.

Five-Paragraph Essay Planning Page – Bridge

See accompanying instructional video.

Writing Conference Example

Modeled writing conference with school media specialist using a descriptive paragraph I wrote alongside my students.

Reel in a Reader: Leads that Lure in an Audience

How to Begin an Essay

Revision Worksheet

See accompanying videos — “Word Choice: Revision strategies to help writers improve content” on my Instructional Videos page and “Sentence Variety: Revision strategies to help writers improve content” on my YouTube channel.

Revision: Some Things to Revise For

Edit: Some Things to Proofread For

Example of Revision and Editing

Created an example of revision and editing using a paragraph I wrote under a pseudonym.

Peer Conferences: Two Stars and a Wish (Poetry and Prose)

Sticky Note Peer Conference: Paragraph

Round Table Reviews: Mini-Conferences for Peer Writing Groups

Discover the Power of Poetry

Painting with Parts of Speech: Appositive Phrases